Universal Christian Cypher (CaseStudy Remix)

by CaseStudy



Verse remix from the track Universal Christian Cypher off of C2Six's album Soldiers & Saints


Yup the Rock with a billion people on it
If that’s the case then Case Study brought it
If it’s sin I fought if it’s hip-hop I bought it
If it’s a girls’ number I lost it woops let’s change topic
I was lost then I embraced His bride
Profess that same faith from Nicaea I cried
So I see a unified people to one faith
In one place universal living off God’s grace
Gathered together at that nuptial banquet
The sacrificial Lamb what else can man get
That greatest gift of unconditional love
All of him is more than enough
Triune one consummated union
Seven days complete fire heat fusion
I’m using this rap like an illusion
To create a contusion in all your free choosing
Really reality is more than what we see
Because slavery to Christ will make you free
So I rock my chain call me De Montfort
True devotions that’s what I rock for
Case Study blessed to share in the divine
A fire lit for the purpose to shine
Athanasius that’s the name that I got
Kephas find me rocking on the rock


released August 27, 2012




CaseStudy Los Angeles, California

Rapping for a better tomorrow!

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